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Fun with LTSpice

No more fiddling around with boxes of components and searching for datasheets of components that arent available only to find that the reason why your MOSFET is not triggering correctly is because of an incorrect calculation i made when I read the datasheet!
Recently got the hang of modelling circuits in the wonderful but slightly weird (Well, not really, it's just the keyboard commands are weird like F5 to delete a component etc)
What's nice is that you can measure voltage/current and set the run time conditions (seconds, minutes etc) and also set the voltage input conditions (sin

STK-500 general nerding report

After looking at the prices some companies like motec charge for their entry level EFI management systems i've decided to start learning to tools of the trade. MCU's.

A mate of mine managed to hook me up with an Atmel STK500, which is nice MCU development board for much of Atmel's Atmega* range.

So so far i've had to learn

  • Driving IO lines

  • Interrupt driven programming (think of hardware operations triggering your function calls)
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