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So, what's my web-devel experience?

About myself..

I'm a freelance web-developer that specialises in PHP/MySQL/Drupal Development, specifically in content-management, but also quite happy writing custom web-applications.

Tools such as ssh, bash, vim, xdebug, zend debugger, strace, valgrind, phpStorm are a second-language. Python is also in my scope, however PHP and jQuery is definitely my specialization.

I'm available for hire on a casual basis, short-term contracts or full-time.

I also maintain a number of other web-sites "for fun" such as TshirtSlayer, world's greatest gallery of heavy metal tshirts and jackets (750,000 hits a month and growing!) , Valigrunt petrolheads , and ofcourse, this site where I post general tech articles about PHP/WebDev

Additionally, I Maintain several Drupal modules and contribute to the Drupal community

ABN: 64 673 849 902

Some Background..

Whilst I've been involved with countless websites, this is some of the more noteworthy experience I've had.

    Fairfax Media / EurekaReport
  • Implement technical design challenges

  • Oversea quality assurance through automated continuous integration

  • Custom module and feature development

    HardHatDigital for ChiaCo
  • Analyse and implement client requirements for online shopping experience

  • Use existing Drupal/PHP architecture with jQuery

  • Drupal module development, including custom SalesForce+UberCart integration with custom FinancialForce API

    Greens Victoria/The Greens Victoria Australia, Political party ongoing

  • General sysadmin and web development tasks, Debian, Rackspace cloud

  • CiviCRM customisation, deep performance profiling and SQL refactoring

  • Custom module development Drupal 6

    Interactive Australia/ 1 year

    Drupal 6 and custom modules for their new site to be launched soon, featuring online ordering etc.
  • General sysadmin and web development tasks (Redhat, bind, squid, cisco, etc)

  • Business workflow analysing and implementing solution with CMS

  • Working with designers to implement custom Drupal 6 template

  • Porting of existing corporate ASPX site to Drupal (waiting to be launched)

  • Custom module development drupal 6

    LonelyPlanet 1.5 years

    Development of a custom Drupal installation which serves as the back-end for a java based front-end for their web-presence at, implemented web-services and content system to suite their content management workflow.

    Under the Agile Software Development methodology, including test-driven-development, also implemented their "development labs" environment for experimental projects.
  • Custom drupal 5.x module development

  • Web Services work

  • RedHat and Debian sys-admin work

    MarmaladeSoul 1.5 years

    General web-development implementing the UltraWellness site, including database-driven health reports and fitness analyses. Heavy Drupal 4.x development work and system administration. "An online community of over 20,000 members focused around a series of health tracking programs. Custom module and theme development to clients specifications."
  • General sysadmin tasks (redhat)

  • Custom drupal 4.x and 5.x module development

  • upgrade from drupal 4.x to 5.x
  • Site profiling/management

  • Server Load management with Munin and other tools

    D2P 1.5 years
  • Critical ISP for the printing industry

  • General sysadmin and web development tasks (redhat)

  • Migrating from coldfusion to PHP (Drupal 4.x)

  • Python development for file transfers

  • Document workflow development

  • Server Load management with MRTG and other tools

  • SOAP service integration with publishers (fairfax media etc)

    Minihub ( 1 year
  • General sysadmin and web development tasks

  • Liasing with NGO groups in East Timor

  • Providing remote tech support for UN sponsered tech operations

    Reeds Information Systems ( 2 years

    PHP based site that tracks millions of tenders/contracts and issues alerts (via email) to people whos profiles match the kind of work they after, site was entirely written with PHP/MySQL and Python.

  • System administration -linux routing, firewalls, proxies, nameservers, email virus scanning, backup schemes

  • Systems development - tender notification portal

  • PHP programming

  • Network support

  • Python backend interface

    • Duties include
    • General office windows/samba support

    • Setting up linux (debian) firewalls and mailservers

    • Heavy PHP product design and development

    RedFlex Traffic Systems (

  • System administration

  • Systems development

  • PHP development - timesheet management system, bug tracking system

  • Network support
    • Duties include
    • Cisco 1720 encrypted VPN configuration on remote sites (USA, Bahrain, Australia)

    • PHP timesheet application development/integration (LDAP/MYSQL/PHP)

    • Bug tracking application development/integration (LDAP/MYSQL/PHP)

    • Linux server configuration

    • Firewall installation and configuration

    Earthcore Entertainment( 1 years
  • System support
    • Duties include
    • Management of mailling list (60,000+ entries)

    • Configuring linux firewall/router

    • Some PHP work to manage mailling list

    • networks upport

    • desktop linux PC support

    Nandos Australia ( 2 years
  • System administration

  • System development
    • Duties include
    • Administration of postgresql, dbase3 and mysql database

    • application programming in C with ncursors interface

    • some perl work

    • some PHP work

    • General linux sysadmin, linux 2.0 series

    • Modem support, multi serial cards

    • Backup maintenance

    • Windows/samba office support

    • dial in support

    • Support of external servers and cash registers
  • Linux networking support, traffic shaping, routing configuration

    CDDirect 1 year
  • Application development, in house support, mostly C based development under Win32 API

    Cybernet, sydney branch 0.25 year
  • Updating of page templates, inserting new logos
    • Duties include
    • Modifying client supplied pages for w3c compatabily

    • Ensuring good disabled/vision impared access to pages

    • Updating of logos and content in page templates