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Lenovo T460S / Ubuntu - will it be an improvement?

So I'm eagerly waiting on the Lenovo T460S to come out - I saw the T440s on a collegues desktop and asked him about it, the first thing he showed me was the really crappy track pad that moves up and down with extremly poor touch support in Linux / Ubuntu Also I've found that Ubuntu's "out of the box" support for hibernate, cpu scaling/power and bluetooth alway seem a bit dodgey And there's always the notorious fan speed issue So yes - I'm willing to buy, but I think this will be a try before you buy approach - I just really hope the Lenovo / IBM T460S does not require the usual 3 days of tinkering :/ I read that linux 4.0 kernels will support the touchpads much better - this was a problem I saw on the T450S in the office, where just brushing past the trackpad would cause the pointer to jump all over the place.

Which is probably fine except that you often over-reach the trackpad for the buttons and whammo, you just sent that incomplete email :(


Althought I'm a ubuntu / linux fan, I'de be curious if Lenovo have eased up their bloat ware on the new OEM installations too


As always, keep an eye on the Ubuntu official supported list , even then my T420S looks like it's fully supported but has never really hibernated correctly - there are a bunch of issues around that too, but it's not mentioned in the Ubuntu 'certification', this is all stuff you apple people have not had to worry about since ever :)


Speaking of certification, The T450S has known issues with hibernation and and a cryptic note about the BIOS, is it old? Let's hope the T460S does not have these problems.