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Protesting doesnt hurt..

Nice to see that blacking out your site in protest to some draconian SOPA/PIPA laws doesnt seem to hurt your traffic, which is definitely a consideration for any website owner who's site is very popular.

check out the traffic stats here, the PIPA/SOPA 'black out' is the obvious dip in the center, but you can see traffic returns to normal almost instantly.


First android app released

Well I finally stepped through all the tricks and got my first Android application released on the google android market

The idea is simple, it just looks at what music you have on your device, and tries to find the best price for downloading the whole album, as often you have just a couple of songs but not a whole album, AND some of us have low quality MP3's of an album and want to buy a high quality version of it, which is one good thing about online music sales.


Drupal 7 and XMLRPC example

The skinny.. Drupal 7's service call for XMLRPC is now a little different, the only way i got it to work was to use Cookie/SESSID in the headers and not send the session id as an argument (as you did in the past)

So check out my fork here of the drupal 7 python xmlrpc client example

I guess if you want to improve the cookie handling for the sessions you could take some inspiration from

The fat...

Easy win for lowering PHP memory usage (drupal)

I've been surfing the limits of my colo machine, trying to figure out how to lower the memory usage so I can move the server into the next lowest hosting bracket.

 5533 www-data  20   0 69124  36m 5108 S   17  4.8   7:24.76 php5-cgi
 5970 www-data  20   0 68940  35m 4968 S   17  4.8   6:49.83 php5-cgi
 9984 www-data  20   0 67432  34m 5164 R   12  4.6   3:09.83 php5-cgi
 6876 www-data  20   0 66352  33m 5096 S   18  4.5   5:52.78 php5-cgi

Theres a handful of things I don't use (yet)

# apt-get remove php5-dev php5-curl php5-eaccelerator php5-memcache

Some good simple Drupal SEO

Recently I discovered a site of mine was not doing as well as it could in Google results, so I used Google Webmaster, logged in and took a look at the list of top keywords (which should reflect the audience/content of the site)

Take a look at this, according to google, my site is mostly about JPG, ago, min, new

So, turns out..

Datamining Facebook

Thought this was interesting, I recently experimented with running some advertisements on Facebook for my metal gallery website.

Pretty cool to be able to see how many people have certain interests (and of which sex) in different area, for example, a quick mine reveals 140,000 users in finland/norway/sweden who are female over 18 are into metal, pretty good if you compare that with other countries!

Easy Peasy YouTube integration

Recently I added some fun functionality to tshirtslayer, that is when a user win's one of the tshirt thumbnail guessing competitions, they get to add a couple of youtube videos to the official tshirtslayer youtube playlist - and they do this through the tshirtslayer website by entering in the youtube video ID's.

Let's look at the basics, as I had never worked with the GData API before.

First obviously you have to grab the extra library, extract it something and set the path in your php.ini.

Annoying gotchya in amazon PHP package

I was working on some Amazon integration with an Android application, so I used this library to take care of the PHP/Amazon integration (web backend to android appy)

Anyhow, could not figure out why I was getting parsing errors in Java/Android on the JSON result, everything looked to be fine! a casual string dump reveal no problem..

Until I opened the amazon class file with a hex bytecode dumper.

Current version..


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