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HOW TO: Configuring Drupal's Ubercart Bitcoin Payment module

So there's been a bit of noise about better documentation for setting up the Ubercart Bitcoin Payment's module, so you can accept Bitcoin payment's in the equivalent market rates to your existing currencies on your shop. So, I assume that since you have your Ubercart shop setup, you probably got as far as setting up something like the Paypal gateway or whatever, and that you have a functioning existing shop working. Now, onto Bitcoin.

Upgrading Drupal 5/6 votingapi_vote to a field_vote

If you have votes enabled on your comments, here's a little helper if you need to quickly migrate from old D5/6 votingapi_vote type datasets, You'll need to insert into your field revision table for your fivestar/voting field, problem is, your field_vote needs to know which comment-ID the vote was for (the entity), so we can just get a little hacky and pull that from the first comment entered by the user (grouped by node + uid)


Drupal + Apache2 htpasswd specific path exclusions

Sometimes you need to add a htpasswd directive to your Drupal's virtualhost directive for various reasons (Limiting access to clients, stopping crawlers of all sorts, etc), but what happens if you need to ALLOW access to certain path's ? In this case, we had to allow access to the /services/ path.

UC Bitcoin updated to 1.3

Got bored and gave the Drupal Ubercart Bitcoin Module some love, now it's even easier to accept Bitcoin payments.

new module: taxonomy freetag detection

Sometimes there is the need to manage some keywords relating to an article, but only for a certain few important subset of words.

For example you might have some tricky financial blog entry and need to grab certain keywords from it.

Well wait no more try Taxonomy Freetag Detection

Drupal Migrate with QueryPath (Handy for Lotus Notes, Custom Blogs etc)

Recently I had the chance to work with some really talented guys porting an old (albeit financially successful ) site to Drupal from Lotus Notes, What? I hear you shout, Lotus Notes??, Yes.

The main issue we had was porting content over, sometimes we had a good insider that could write us a script to generated nice XML for us to consume, but othertime's that resource was not available.

dmidecode - learn about your hardware

Nice command I stumbled across, as I was trying to figure out if the 4GB memory in my new Lenovo T420S was in one or two DIMM's.


dgtlmoon dot com now SSL/HTTPS only now SSL/HTTPS only! also updated to drupal-7 finally! hurgh!



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