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Google docs flowchart connectors coming soon

This will be awesome, sounds like something simple but it's going to make a lot of peoples lives easier! no more fiddlying with Dia or trying to track down a copy of microsoft's various tools just to draw some flowcharts.

Yes you can already draw flowcharts on google docs but they dont have connectors, so as soon as you drag it around you loose the connections between the entities.


Enable all munin plugins

Probably not the best idea, but handy to quickly turn everything on.

Poor mans drupal image watermarking

If you are stuck with an older 5.x site, imagemagick module wont let you do watermarking from Drupal, so you'll have todo it from the command line. (This is all built in with 6.x and 7.x releases of Drupal and imagecache modules)


CiviCRM (Drupal) support in Melbourne, Australia

I have delved into CiviCRM once again to support some clients of mine, from wikipedia CiviCRM is an open source (customer) relationship management (CRM) software. CiviCRM calls itself a 'constituent relationship management solution.

It can be used as a standalone, Drupal or Joomla addon, however I think it is most useful with Drupal!

Have landed at c-base hackerspace, Berlin

Have managed to locate and do some nerding at C-Base, Berlin after googling around for some hackerspaces.

Generally seems something similar to the old however it seems to be a lot more ORGANISED which is the key.
Also the focus is pretty much solely on geeking out but it is a really awesome atmosphere and focused on doing whatever it is you wanna nerd/build on and sharing knowledge about software.


Build your own google streetcar

From , Feel what it's like to be Google, watch people freak out..


Switching OG (drupal organic groups) view depending on node type

Sometimes you need to use a different drupal view when you're displaying different group types with Drupal's organic groups (OG) module, for example you might have a group thats mostly about files, and a group that's mostly about posting other items or something.

OG doesn't let you have different configurations for each node type (yet) so you can do this with a little hack, simply hit up the global $conf variable and replace it with what you need, and ensure this executes before OG does.

Zend IDE not listening on port 10137, fixed with disabled ipv6

Zend IDE mysteriously stopped debugging, firefox toolbar just would not start the debugger and always said Zend was not detected no matter what i done, turns out, it was listening on ipv6 ports



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