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A nice small drupal job - implement securepay

Sometimes you get nice little jobs for a client that just takes a few hours, and then it's complete and everyone is happy, today I simply installed securepay module for ecommerce, although it was an unofficial module I used, still nice to just install something, tweak it slightly and it works

If only every day was like this.


SLAYER XMAS nearly complete

Check out our slayer xmas lights made from LED's, just gotta finish the A and the Y and mount it on the roof..

Curtesy of tshirtslayer


Things to be wary of in CiviCRM

Just stuff I've run into with 3.2.x branch, *hopefully* this is improved, and I don't see why not, as civicrm is a rapidly improving project.

This is not a list of CiviCRM Criticism's, but just some things to keep in mind.


The physics of angry birds

Pretty decent article covering some of the physics behind the awesome game angry birds

CiviCRM - Forcing a end date and/or start date of a membership

You can force the start date or end date of a membership by hooking into hook_civicrm_pre, this gets called before a write on the DB.

Obviously you need to check their membership status a little closer, make sure it's not an admin trying to add one through the interface etc, but heres a rough example (as a Drupal module)

function mymodule_civicrm_pre( $op, $objectName, $objectId, &$objectRef ) {

if($op == 'create' && $objectName = 'Membership') {

  if($objectRef['end_date']) {


Nginx and CiviCRM, dont forget to pass on SSL information!

If you're using CiviCRM with SSL enabled contribution pages, dont forget to check your Nginx proxy is handing on SSL information or you'll get endless loops in civicrm behaviour when it tries to push you into SSL mode, more here for most web servers..

PBSfm Melbourne goes Drupal!

PBS FM, home of little made music finally ditched their ugly site and went Drupal, I think their previous CMS was a custom written ASPX solution which seemed to really suffer, it was not updated very often and looked very clunky to use.

Congrats guys! Welcome to DrupalWorld

Now just turn on your url aliasing and it will be perfect :)

Wikileaks censored through DNS outage, PirateBay develop P2P DNS has been effectively censored by DDOS attempts on all of their DNS engines, but ThePirateBay are working on peer-to-peer DNS system in response to this..

Zdnet - Wikileaks site down ... but not out


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