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CiviCRM - Forcing a end date and/or start date of a membership

You can force the start date or end date of a membership by hooking into hook_civicrm_pre, this gets called before a write on the DB.

Obviously you need to check their membership status a little closer, make sure it's not an admin trying to add one through the interface etc, but heres a rough example (as a Drupal module)

function mymodule_civicrm_pre( $op, $objectName, $objectId, &$objectRef ) {

if($op == 'create' && $objectName = 'Membership') {

  if($objectRef['end_date']) {


Nginx and CiviCRM, dont forget to pass on SSL information!

If you're using CiviCRM with SSL enabled contribution pages, dont forget to check your Nginx proxy is handing on SSL information or you'll get endless loops in civicrm behaviour when it tries to push you into SSL mode, more here for most web servers..

PBSfm Melbourne goes Drupal!

PBS FM, home of little made music finally ditched their ugly site and went Drupal, I think their previous CMS was a custom written ASPX solution which seemed to really suffer, it was not updated very often and looked very clunky to use.

Congrats guys! Welcome to DrupalWorld

Now just turn on your url aliasing and it will be perfect :)

Wikileaks censored through DNS outage, PirateBay develop P2P DNS has been effectively censored by DDOS attempts on all of their DNS engines, but ThePirateBay are working on peer-to-peer DNS system in response to this..

Zdnet - Wikileaks site down ... but not out

Minor CiviCRM performance bug

Basically looks like CiviCRM is trying to get table status on the civicrm admin page to check if you are using correct InnoDB or not, but this is an expensive call on larger installations.

This is in CiviCRM 3.2.5


Drupal sessions table expiring on Ubuntu/Deb boxes

Ubuntu and Debian boxes don't ship with PHP's garbage collector turned on, so it never triggers what ever code needs to happen to clean up your session handling system.

So on CMS's like Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 you end up with really huge session tables, but there is a fix.

Blocktronics flash based ANSI art viewer

Freaking cool, Oh how I love ANSI Art!

The block on the left is taken from the above image, creds to blocktronics!


Munin graph your Drupal response times for user logins

Munin is a wonderful tool, it is best explained by the project itself.. Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends and "what just happened to kill our performance?" problems. It is designed to be very plug and play. A default installation provides a lot of graphs with almost no work.


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