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Ever read couchsurfing's terms of use? No Android Couchsurfing unless they write it..

Just skimming through's terms of use document...

5.1 You Grant Us a License. By submitting any content (including without limitation, your photograph) to our Site, you hereby grant us a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display, perform, adapt, modify, distribute, have distributed and promote such content in any form, in all media now known or hereinafter created and for any purpose.

Behind the lines of couchsurfing

Interesting jib-jab at whats going down behind scenes at a really great website that certainly changed my life and i'm sure many others

Well, have a read here..

Hello world on Android Nexus One!

I had a bash at the Android SDK with Eclipse, seems pretty decent, even had a working emulator, in an hour I managed to

- Get a working development environment
- Learn about basic HTTP connections
- Test the application in the emulator
- Upload my app to my nexus one android (2.2 cyanogenmod)

My first app just (without much error checking) displays the contents from the CHANGELOG.txt of this site, but atleast I know how to get some data from the net and display it.

Iconic Vivisect!

Thanks to the bassist I scored a demo CD for Melbourne GrindCore/Thrash band Iconic Vivisect , well i've had a really good listen (several times!) and it's totally brutal! Thanks for the album! sounds tight, punchy, professional and most importantly extremly brutal, credits to the bassist for handing me the CD at the supermarket!!! See you guys live sometime!

Google docs flowchart connectors coming soon

This will be awesome, sounds like something simple but it's going to make a lot of peoples lives easier! no more fiddlying with Dia or trying to track down a copy of microsoft's various tools just to draw some flowcharts.

Yes you can already draw flowcharts on google docs but they dont have connectors, so as soon as you drag it around you loose the connections between the entities.


Enable all munin plugins

Probably not the best idea, but handy to quickly turn everything on.

Poor mans drupal image watermarking

If you are stuck with an older 5.x site, imagemagick module wont let you do watermarking from Drupal, so you'll have todo it from the command line. (This is all built in with 6.x and 7.x releases of Drupal and imagecache modules)


CiviCRM (Drupal) support in Melbourne, Australia

I have delved into CiviCRM once again to support some clients of mine, from wikipedia CiviCRM is an open source (customer) relationship management (CRM) software. CiviCRM calls itself a 'constituent relationship management solution.

It can be used as a standalone, Drupal or Joomla addon, however I think it is most useful with Drupal!


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