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JetBrains adding value to Arduino with their editor?

Spotted this recently whilst seeing if there's a better editor around than the default Arduino editor - Lots of votes to integrate this functionality into the somewhat lacking existing Arduino editor - based on JetBrains existing CLion IDE

JetBrains write terrific software and a licence is a fantastic investment, lets hope it comes together!


Drupal 7 adding custom AJAX commands

Sometimes the existing Drupal AJAX Framework commandset isn't quite all you want todo.

Fortunately it's quite simple to add your own

Create your extension to the AJAX prototype - place it in a file 'thing.js' - data from your module will be serialised and sent here


Drupal 7 Anonymous User Sessions

In Drupal 7 anonymous sessions were disabled for performance reasons, there's generally not really any reason why you need or should be tracking anonymous users


But what if you want to do some session handling but don't necessarily need the user to login with a full Drupal account?


U2515H Dell LCD Upgrade

I recently upgraded my Xubuntu linux workstation LCD to the wonderful Dell U2515H

This is a fantastic monitor! Highly recommended - working nicely at full resolution with my T420S, the differences with the new IPA LCD technology are substantial - there is just no comparison to lower end LCD's anymore


Even banks get it wrong sometime...

Saw this recently in a bank statement

Make's me think again how important TESTING TESTING TESTING is :)

Raspberry Pi One-Wire sensors stopped working?

Yeah OK, so it happened, I knew it would.

All my sensors on a very remote rPI installation (on the other side of the world infact) stopped working after an update, so my first guess was that they've changed something.

Turns out they've gone for this "Device Tree" method of enabling system modules

Creating and running a Internet Radio Station with Drupal

Recently for fun I setup "TShirtSlayer Radio", designed to let the community members of TShirtSlayer ( who are often also in their own metal bands ) upload their songs to the new radio station.

This had a few key requirements

- They had to use their existing Drupal account to login and upload the songs (mp3/wav/etc)

- The actual internet stream radio station website would be a subsite (

- The subsite had to have some functionality like being able to request a track

Arduino JPEG Color Camera LS-Y201 is broken, don't waste your time!

Recently I picked up a cheap JPEG Color Camera LS-Y201 from eBay, I didn't expect it to be amazing but the interesting thing is that if you're on a low-end Arduino (atmega328 based), then SoftwareSerial is not recommended to go about 19200BPS. Now all good and well you say, because the LS-Y201 has a function to change the bitrate down to 19200 from the default 38400 Wrong!



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